Why Men Don’t Wear High Heels

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They Are Happy with Their Height (Unless They Are Not): While generally not averse to having a thicker sole on their shoes (generally for more comfort than any additional height that would be acquired), wearing heeled shoes outside of a cowboy boot is not the norm.

It’s More Fun to Be Comfortable: Would you rather go out for a night on the town and just go with flow, seeing how things progress without a worry in the world, or would you like to pry your feet into a tight pair of shoes with high heels to raise up your perceived height. Men are well versed in wanting to be at eye level with those around them (or even better, looking down on them) but they are not willing to feel hobbled for the added height (5′ 10″ is close enough to 6″ dammit).

The Wonders of a Cowboy Boot: We’re not saying that men do not wear heels, rather that when they do it is in a more discreet manor than a stiletto can ever achieve. Along with the rise of country music into the mainstream over the last five years, showing your inner redneck is not such an uncommon thing to see anymore.

Men Don’t Look at Fashion Magazines to Decide What to Wear: When was the last time you talked to a guy who said that he wanted to get a shirt in that season’s colors? Yeah, probably not too many times. Same idea goes for the heeled shoes as they are largely considered to be a fashion accessory that is either not masculine enough or the heels do not match their style. Either way, it’s a no go.

Here is what wikipedia have to say about men in high heels:

Elizabeth Semmelhack, curator for the Bata Shoe Museum, traces the high heel to male horse-riding warriors in the Middle East who used high heels for functionality, because they help hold the rider’s foot in stirrups. She states that the earliest high heel she has seen is depicted on a 9th-century CE ceramic bowl from Persia.

Since the late 18th century, men’s shoes have had primarily low heels. A notable exception is cowboy boots, which continue to sport a taller riding heel. The two-inch Cuban heel features in many styles of men’s boot but was popularised by Beatle boots, famously worn by the English rock group The Beatles, which saw the reintroduction of heels for men.[13] Winklepicker boots also usually feature a Cuban heel. There was also a brief resurgence in higher-heeled shoes for men in the 1970s (in Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta’s character wears a Cuban heel in the opening sequence). The singer Prince is known to wear high heels, as well as Elton John. Bands such as Mötley Crüe and Sigue Sigue Sputnik predominantly wore high heels during the 1980s. Current well-known male heel wearers include Prince, Justin Tranter, lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons, and Bill Kaulitz, the lead singer of Tokio Hotel.

Why did men stop wearing high heels?

For generations they have signified femininity and glamour – but a pair of high heels was once an essential accessory for men.

Beautiful, provocative, sexy – high heels may be all these things and more, but even their most ardent fans wouldn’t claim they were practical.

They’re no good for hiking or driving. They get stuck in things. Women in heels are advised to stay off the grass – and also ice, cobbled streets and posh floors.

And high heels don’t tend to be very comfortable. It is almost as though they just weren’t designed for walking in.

Originally, they weren’t.

Source: BBC

Here is a great video of men dancing in high heels:

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