What Guys Think About Women Wearing High Heels


“It’s no secret that they make your legs and butt look better.”

It does not take a fashionista to recognize the physical effects that high heels have on women when they are wearing them. The woman’s ankles are raised, tightening the calf muscles while she sticks her butt out and her chest forward to maintain good balance and stand up straighter for good posture.

“Men are quite conservative with shoes. We like heels that look ‘normal’ to us.”

This was certainly the status quo going back 20 years but with the rise of the metrosexual male they are more fashion conscious and the definition of “normal” has broadened.

“I like to walk, and I’m always conscious (and very slightly annoyed) by the fact that heels make you walk slower and avoid grates and things.”

Not exactly the most patient person, is he? I can almost guarantee he was wearing running shoes while he was walking with her. It might be time to give him some heels to even out his pace.

“Women should wear whatever makes them comfortable. But yes. They always look sexy in heels. Though it depends on the situation they’re in, so don’t wear them obviously inappropriate places.”

Ahhh, let’s be thankful for the common sense brigade. Do what makes you comfortable but don’t go all risque with your fashion.

“So I’m assuming there’s a correlation here, as in I must psychologically associate pumps with “sex” and flats with “she will just want to hold hands with me and maybe innocently kiss on the lips.”

There’s something to be said for stereotypes and judging first dates by the shoes that girls are wearing when they answer their door. A lot of first dates…

“If girls think guys care or notice their shoes, they are kidding themselves. If they really want to attract quality men, that money should be spent on cosmetic surgery or, barring that, football jerseys so he knows you’re ‘just one of the boys’”

Wow. Just wow.