What Are the 10 Reasons you should Get Rid of Your Favorite Pair of High Heels?

Elegant red high heels

You’re Feet Ain’t So Pretty Anymore: When you take off your favorite pair of heels, all of the damage they do to is on display.

You’ve Worn Them a Lot: You’ve spent so much time in your favorite heels that you developed chronic foot pains. This is not going to end well.

They Hurt: The pains you feel from wearing the shoes are a good indication that your feet are getting the short end of the stick. The last thing you want is permanent damage caused by your shoes.

Foot Problems Are Reversible If Caught Early: The more you suffer from the pains of wearing shoes that put your body at angles that are just not natural, the more likely it becomes a permanent problem. Catch it early and rid yourself of the cause of the issues.

If You Don’t Use Them, You Lose Them: Your heels will keep your calves raised up, forcing you to walk on your tip toes, which does nothing to build up your calves.

It’ll Wear You Down: Your feet only have so much padding and it will diminish as you age. Your favorite shoes may not feel as good as they once did but your feet are not in the same shape either.

Altering the Way You Walk: When you squeeze your feet into the tight designer shoes, they can’t help but be affected when it happens often enough. Is it worth it to wear these shoes if they are going to make walking a nightmare when you are older?

Are you Looking Forward to the Surgery to Repair Your Feet?: Walking around in heels all day – day in, day out – damages the bones in your feet and the only way to repair them is to have surgery.

Posture Is Fleeting: When you wear heels, your body compensates for the unnatural way your body reacts to wearing heels. In the short term, your posture will appear to improve while you are doing your best to maintain balance but once you figure the balance issue out, your body will start to look for the short cuts leading to a poor posture.

Wear Something Not So Self-Destructive: There are thousands of options to choose from so find something at the intersection of style and sense and reap the benefits.