How to Walk in High Heels: 5 Steps


Walking in high heels is an acquired art, certainly not something as easy as putting on a pair for the first time and expecting to run away in them. It takes time and some patience to get the hang of wearing the shoes while following the steps listed below.

1. Pick your shoes Wisely. When trying out high heels for the first time, try this little exercise to get a better idea of where your comfort level is. Slip on the shoes and stand up straight with your knees straight and try to raise yourself just on your toes by about an inch or so. If you cannot do this, the heels you have picked are too high for you currently and you should try another pair that you can do this with.

2. After getting that first pair, it is important to first try walking in them on flat ground. You want to eliminate any additional challenges as you become accustomed to wearing them. Start with smaller steps and then as you gain in confidence and comfort, increase the width of your steps until they are similar to a regular stride.

3. Try a heel that is solid and a little on the thicker side for your first heels so that you can feel the stability beneath your feet. Your ankles will need to strengthen if you are only used to wearing flats. Your feet will begin adapting to the balance of the new shoes and you will be ready to progress to something a little thinner and sexier in a heel until you reach the stilettos.

4. Don’t rush into wearing them for long stretches of time during the initial stage of wearing heels. Give your feet a break every hour or so for a count of twenty minutes by sitting down to lessen any strain or discomfort, but leave the shoes on. If you take them off, swelling may occur which would make it more uncomfortable to continue on.

5. Practice wearing the high heels every day. Wear them around your house for a couple hours each day and before you know it you will be ready to wear them outside. Your feet will thank you for taking the time to get it right before wearing them for a full day for the first time.