Accessories for Your Stiletto Heels


Watch the Floors If You Don’t Mind: Certain kinds of Stiletto heels can cause some damage on floors like linoleum or a wooden floors covered with a urethane varnish. Damage can easily occur just by the wearer walking with high heeled shoes on across the floor. To prevent this from happening, you can purchase heel protectors, which will fit on the end of the heel. Ballroom dancers are known to wear the heel protectors while dancing so that they do not damage the wooden floors.

Clip it On: When the design of the shoe does not stand out enough for your liking, there are fashionable shoe clips that you can attach by the toes of the shoe. Some of the more common available styles of clip-ons for your shoes are flowers, bejeweled studs, buckles and bows.

You Wear Those Rings Where?: These colorful jeweled rings add some sparkle to your shoes as you slide them on to the heels of the shoe, accentuating the added length that the heels provide. The extravagant additions will draw eyes to the heels of your shoes. They are made with a special elastic to ensure that they stay on the heels of your shoes.

Whips and Chains, Oh My: A fun accessory to add to the back of your shoes is a heel chain. These detachable chains clip on to the straps of your shoes or are attached to an anklet and hangs down the back of the heels.

Cover Your Heels: The heel condom is a colorful solution to add to the heels of your shoes that can add just about any design that suits your tastes. The heel condom slides up the heel of the shoe and is tied on so that heel appears to have a different pattern than the rest of the shoe.

Here are some very nice Stiletto. Which one do you like?